Tanine taranoom alborz printing & packaging co,(taranoom co)  was registered in 2007. Taranoom co with over a decade of experience in packaging and  printing industry is known as a consulting cilinic in this field. Taranoom co, by utilizing of modern equipment in the field of printing & packaging has a continuous cooperation with many industries such as the food industry , electronics, pharmaceuticals, detergents and hygiene

Fields of activities & services

  Consultation in the design and analyzing packaging
    Industiral photograhgy unit
  Graphic design & structure
    Offset & flexography printing
    Manufacturing of hardbox and modern box
    Manufacturing of hand luggage
   Designing & packaging types of bows & ribbons with and  without printing

The goals

Trust, confidence, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of the quality products , reasonable price , order delivery as soon as possible

Research & development ideas in the packaging industry


contact us

info@taranoomco.c om


 17 81 56 32 026

   95 91 566 - 0912

Unit 301-5th- Floor Eric commercial office buildings Center - ferdose Boulevard East -Sadeghie -Tehran -iran




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